Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Familiar Foods in Foreign Places

We had some fantastic food in China (which will be featured in another post) and ate very well most of the time -- everything from top-rated restaurants to foods prepared on the street. Most things were totally foreign and new, but some things were just like home. Only different.

Pepsi and 7-Up -- they actually had the old pull tabs that come all the way off 

Coke 3 Ways:
  The bottles are taller and skinnier, and it is not so sickeningly sweet like it is here. 
I think I like Chinese Coke better!
Canned Coke in Macau
 Soda fountain at Carl's Jr.

Beijing Starbucks

We actually missed a few meals due to timing or opportunity, and sometimes we snacked or had to grab something fast. 

Carl's Jr. in Shanghai

Always a tough choice: Mexican Tomato Chicken Flavor or Lime Flavor
Popcorn on the bullet train
Haagen-Dazs in Hong Kong

It's just expensive anywhere, right?!!? The small size is $38! But that's in Hong Kong dollars, so only about $5 in greenbacks. 
Still a lot for one small scoop of ice cream.

Of course Cameron would find a Dairy Queen in Macau!

Here's something we can all recognize and appreciate --


Steve's breakfast: Scrambled eggs with a side of river.

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